FHPW President Dr. Jackeline Gascon

FHPW 2018 President
Gail Prather

Old World Definition: “Forging: To give form or shape to, especially by means of careful effort: forge a close relationship.”

Federation of Houston Professional Women

Women Forging New Successes

Houston Strong


January 16, 2018


Dear FHPW members,


It is my great pleasure to be your President for 2018.  Our theme this year is “Women Forging New Successes.”  Originally I wanted to use FHPW Strong, and then thought that since we are already part of Houston Strong, our theme that incorporates ‘forging’ as defined by “using careful effort” for a “close relationship” was strong language and I wanted to use strong language to portray us as an organization for 2018.  “Women Forging New Successes”, I believe, encompasses our strength through the adversity of 2017 along with the new successes we are working toward our new year 2018.


My initial review of 2017 was that it was nice to be able to say goodbye to a difficult year.  For me, 2017 was a very difficult year with professional challenges and working to keep my business going and growing.  I was lucky through the Harvey storm with minimal losses.   For some of us though, we will be working for several more months to repair, replace and replenish our homes and businesses in the aftermath of Harvey.  Therefore, shaping or reshaping those new relationships for homes and businesses will be more important than ever.


There were high points for 2017 that should be celebrated before we move to 2018.  Our wonderful 2017 president, board, and Gala director; brought our Gala on schedule just a few days after the worst rain our city has ever experienced.  And those attending the Gala were dazzled with the speakers, the venue, and all the 2017 women of excellence.


My goals for forging new successes this year include plans for encouraging all of our member organizations to develop new relationships within FHPW.  We will continue to have two educational seminars in 2018.  I want to encourage everyone to attend our quarterly meetings; this is how we will build relationships.  We have new board members for FHPW and a new president for the FHPWEF.  Our travel coordinator is not new to us, but is new to the position.  Our Gala director has already been working on our event for 2018 and I am looking forward to a fabulous gala 2018.


Let “Women Forging New Successes” be our theme and our mantra for all of our efforts in 2018!


Best Regards,

Gail Prather
2018 FHPW President

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