FHPW President Dr. Jackeline Gascon

Inspire Women to Be Effective Leaders

"Although some of the separate dimensions of human behavior may have a female quality...A holistic leader is needed to provide effective transformational leadership for the continued growth...and the mission of egalitarian education in America."
(Rouch, Baker & Rose, 1989, p. 263)

2017 President’s Message ~

Welcome to the Federation of Houston Professional Women (FHPW)!

Under the effective leadership of President Melanie Brown, her outstanding leadership team, and members; the FHPW went through a transformation: from Embracing the Past, Transforming our Future in 2015 to Shaping Women’s Lives, Today and Tomorrow in 2016. Significant accomplishments were achieved during Dr. Brown’s leadership including the introduction of the WOE Club, the implementation of efficient technology, and the FHPW Leadership Guide.

This year our shared vision is paramount and essential as it reflects our theme: Inspire Women to Be Effective Leaders. Our commitment is to motivate and empower women to become effective leaders. The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Board of Directors signed, in 2005, a document that included six competencies for Community Colleges leaders: organizational strategy, resource management, communications, collaboration, advocacy, and professionalism; relevant to effective leadership. Our emphasis is to serve as effective and transformational leaders to our constituencies as well as to be committed to a holistic conceptual whole for the continued growth and to work as a team for a common vision.


In addition to our theme and vision; access, scholarship, mentorship, and professional development are also priorities. I encourage members to serve on the FHPW Board or a committee. Our executive board members are ready to assist you. Feel free to contact them depending on your needs (e.g., reservations, membership, scholarship, gala, programming, sponsorship, travel).


My hope is that we make a difference in women’s lives not only professionally but personally.  It is vital that leaders prepare the pathway to improve or enhance women’s future, their surrounding communities; and ultimately impact the continued success of their generation.


I invite you to explore our website at fhpw.org that includes key information as well as wonderful opportunities.


Best Regards,

Dr. Jackeline Gascon-Webb
2017 FHPW President

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